My departure for South Korea is coming soon. I’m leaving on 24th August. Who thought even two years ago that I would spend one year in Seoul?
Before school starts, I’ll spend about 5 days of holidays in Seoul. I will stay in a guesthouse situated in Hongdae. This coming week, I’m thinking about what to do and what to see.

Art&Music-wise, I’ll arrive in Seoul on the last days of Seoul Fringe Festival. I’m really curious about it. I know nothing about artists playing and performing there but I guess that is what makes this festival interesting.
About the same time, there are quite lot of oneman concerts I want to go to as well! As written on Korea Gig Guide there is a possibility I can see:

– On 26th August~27th August 2011: 몽니(monni) at Sangsang Madang (Hongdae)

– On 27th August 2011: THE KOXX (칵스) at V-Hall (Hongdae)

– On 3rd September~4th September 2011: 10cm at Songpa Olympic Hall

Choice of lives will depend on whether when I reach concert halls, there’s any ticket left. I especially want to see monni and THE KOXX. Sangsang Madang building looks great and I want to see what is inside! Btw ACIDMAN went there last and I’m still wondering if they’ll go back to Seoul next year.


In Seoul, even at the end of summer and beginning of fall it’s not too late to go to festivals. I really want to go to Grant Mint festival 2011 and I plan to buy tickets asap. Regarding other festivals, I don’t know yet.

– On 17th September 2011: GAP BORN TO ROCK CONCERT at AX-Korea. One of my friends went to 2010 GAP BORN TO ROCK festival edition. They always have interesting and great bands playing at their festival. Moreover, there are unknown and friendly indie bands playing outside the concert hall. It seems to have a great atmosphere. I may only go to see them!…

– On 24th September~25th September 2011: Let’s Rock Festival at Hangang Park:  I heard about it once. I don’t know much about this festival but the lineup is near perfection to me. They’ve got my favorite Korean rocks bands (Guckkasten, monni, the KOXX, YB…)! Ohoh

Btw festivals tickets are so cheap. Or maybe should I say, tickets in France really are TOO expensive?!

– Last but not least, on 22nd October~23rd October 2011: Grant Mint Festival at Olympic Park : Greatlineup. Not too far from my campus. On weekend. Day time!! Can buy tickets on yes24. I haven’t ordered on it yet but I think it’s really a great thing for foreign fans.

Surprisingly, is not available in English for lots of concerts and festivals (2PM and??) Maybe I’m wrong but in Japan or in South Korea there are no such thing as FNAC or Virgin stores, where you can go anytime and get tickets for almost any concerts. Two years ago, I succeeded in going to ROCK IN JAPAN festival only thanks to the help of a Japanese friend! (need a Japanese account address, submit a kinf of application letter to a magazine -I think you get that application paper only in Rockin’On mag, am I wrong?- etc.) At least, when everything is done and you are at the festival, listening to your favorite bands, you are HAPPY and feel extremely lucky!! I wonder how things are going to turn out this winter.

I plan to go back to Japan during winter break. Among the things I want to do there, I want to try to go to COUNTDOWN JAPAN Fes!  Also, I want to see friends and go back to some places such as Yokohama and Kichijoji. In September, I really have to buy my airplane ticket for Tokyo. Maybe it won’t be possible next month since there’re a lot of things to pay at university. Dear credit card, don’t let me down.

September is also=administrative formalities. University starts on 1st September but well, let’s not talk about it until orientation day. Btw, I read there’s a buddy program but no Korean student has sent me an email yet. I guess it won’t happen anytime soon.

Luggage is almost ready. See you in Korea!