If I didn’t write here for about 3 weeks, it’s because I have so much work to do. Homework amount in Korea and in France is totally different. Korean people work more than French people but I guess we just are the lazy ones. Ahah Actually, I happen to be of one of the first people to do presentations in almost every class, both group project and solo presentation. Hopefully I’ll have lots of free time in November. It’d be nice if I can travel at that time before my long trip in Japan.

Thanks to team projects, I made friends with Korean people and one Chinese girl! It’s difficult to keep contact with them but I’m really willing not to lose contact! Another round of team project will be announced soon. Hopefully I’ll work with people as nice as them, more productive ones, maybe. ahah

Also, in the dorms I more or less get to know which people live on my floor. Finnish, Russian, Austrian, Vietnamese and Japanese exchange students are especially nice. I’m not spending much time with them but from time to time I can hang out with them. For instance we went to Incheon, noraebang and restaurants around the campus.

Talking about food, I really like Korean cuisine. Though, I don’t really like what we have at the cafeteria. Every day it’s too similar and few hours after eating I feel hungry again. There is few meat. For instance, today among the small dishes we usually have, there was one small sardine and for dinner, we have kind of seafood in a soup. Outside campus, on the other hand, I got to eat great dishes: 순대국(soondaeguk), 닭도리탕(dakdoritang), 삼겹살(samgyeopsal), different kind of kimchi, street food, vegetables and dishes which I don’t remember the name. I also tried pizza and some other international food. Eating outside is always nice and very cheap. You shouldn’t go to Chinatown in Incheon though, it’s expensive and not even good. The city is really nice. Not far from Seoul and it’s very calm! next time I want to go to the sea.

Compared to last post, I haven’t visited lots of new places. CAU’s campus is like my new home. At least there is a place I know very well in Seoul. Last Monday, I went to Sinsadong which reminds me of chic areas in Paris, more crowded and more artistic atmosphere version. There are a lot of stores, cafe and restaurants. Also it’s really nice to see such a mature population compared to the average Chung-Ang university students population. ahah

Lately I’ve been asking myself many questions. It’s only been one month since I arrived but I’m trying to find out what this year in Korea will bring me, how I will change, how it will affect me. I guess I’m trying to tell the future. I will have to wait several months to find out about it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see fireworks near Han River. It’s going to be really interesting.