Twitter hasn’t been working since about 3 weeks and I really want to share my thoughts on the Internet, so here I am.
I didn’t use this blog while I was in Korea.


I came back from Korea at the end of June, 26. It has been three months since I came back to France.

My exchange year in Korea was amazing. It’s the best choice I ever made in my life for now. It went with its share of problems and difficulties when I came back to France, but if I had to do it again, I would.

Staying in Seoul for one year was a great chance to get to know about a new culture and especially making real good friends. Meeting such nice and open friends made me really enjoy staying in Korea and made me want to know more and more about it, Korean language, Korean food, Korean cities, society etc. My closest friends in Korea were Korean. I hardly keep in contact with exchange students now. I know I’m really lucky for having met the right people. I’m so thankful about that.

I’m staying in France now, waiting to get my Master’s degree in International Business Management. I even moved city and left Paris. I don’t mind leaving this city, no matter how much I used to like it. Actually, the only thing in my mind now, is that I want to go back to Korea. I want to go back to Korea to learn the language or/and get an internship. I want to have more experience there both on personnal and professional level.

One year is really short. I know I will go back to Korea next year. I just don’t know for which reason and what time exactly. 


While I was in Seoul, I just felt like I was at home, with a peaceful mind. It makes me sad and happy, thinking about it. :)